A municipal command and control system

My city system is a command and control system for local authorities. The system allows to manage the routine of the Authority as well as emergency situations using advanced technology.
The system was built based on many years of experience in the management of municipalities in routine and emergency situations, and it is the only system that provides a comprehensive and complete solution to all the needs of the local authority.
The system enables improving the service to the resident and the quality of life in the local authority in routine times.
In times of emergency, the system will help save lives.

Client's Advantages :

  • Receive news updates and messages from the organization depending on a variety of topics to choose from.
  • Sending reports to the command and control center and the officials relevant in a large range of topics in a simple way and in real time.
  • Contact quick and simple with organization officials.
  • Payments from the mobile device.
  • Receive essential information (based on real time location) that saves lives during emergencies.
  • Obtain vital information about the services and institutions that provide existential needs.

Authority's Advantages :

  • Sending messages via push notifications to mobile devices without restriction and free of charge.
  • Location-based messaging during emergencies and guidance to reach a safe place.
  • Sending messages according to interest groups: residential areas, organization employees, emergency units, managers and other groups.
  • Formulating a snapshot of the current events taking place in the field.
  • Infrastructure management on a map.


The system is simple to operate and provides a high quality user experience both at the end user level and at the system operator level. The system was built in such a way as to enable the operator to perform operations that are usually carried out by software personnel in order to enable flexibility in operation and independence.


the system is modular, so that modules and features can be added according to the client's wishes and needs. It is also possible to make adjustments and execute an interface of the system to existing systems by developing the appropriate algorithm. Excellent cost-benefit ratio.

Availability and accessibility

the system enables both the end-user and administrators to operate the systems from any compatible device without the need to install software.

Working in different languages on the same application

the client can choose the language in which the menu of the system will appear and the organization can send messages in different languages.

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Licompasstech Company Ltd. is a company that has expertise in security consulting and diagnostics for organizations in the field of emergency preparedness and in the field of functional continuity (BCP). The company develops command and control systems, conducts training readiness of local authorities, government departments and public entities regarding the functional continuity. The company is composed of high-level officials in the defense establishment and have operational experience in the field of emergency assessments and municipal fields. The company has developed a unique management system which allows the organization to improve the relationship between the organization and the customers relying on advanced technology. The system is based on a widget installed on the mobile phones of residents / customers and an advanced management system shown in the command and control center of the organization. Furthermore, the system manages interfaces with systems, institutions and sensors from different organizations and different levels of connection to feed it regularly.

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